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Japan Earthquake volunteer activity report from Yumi Yayakuba
The Original Site (Facebook)
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About this site

b0219974_944270.jpgDays after ‘friending’ Japanese herbalist colleague
Yumi Mitsuta Yayakuba of Tokyo on Facebook,
American herbalist Heather Nic an Fhleisdeir watched as her new friend was in
one of the worst earthquakes of all time.

With no water or electricity Yumi was still able to
maintain wifi access to the internet
and posted daily photos of the aftermath.
As rescue teams from all over the world arrived,
Yumi let everyone know.

With news that her whole family was now found and safe,
Yumi began to volunteer her help in areas that were hardest hit.

“This volunteer had an official request from the city.
now, I look for a hammer, strong boots, etc....
Please pray so that I help everybody, Please give me strength.”

Posting photos of animal rescues and more devastation,
Yumi told us first of the radiation leakage, curfews,
and blackouts, slow internet and spending days burying dogs and birds.


Delivering supplies and volunteering in Miyagi Prefecture,

Yumi replied to a private message from Heather:
“it’s a hell” Yumi said. “a lot of children and animals tired,
stressed and PTSD” (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).
Apparently many children had watched as people and animals drown,
and have been regularly exposed to seeing corpses.
“ 3 to 5 year old children the PTSD is the worst”.

It is an unsanitary environment and many deaths are from hunger as well.
Yumi is also concerned for the pregnant and nursing mothers
whose bodies are being effected by the stress,
shock and soon by radiation from the crippled nuclear power plants.
“I was wishing to use herbs and essential oils, but too many in need”

This is where people in the natural health trades can help.

“Many of us on the west coast are concerned for what might happen to us
as a result of the nuclear reactors that were damaged by the earthquakes.

What is happening right now to the people in Japan is my concern,
Nic an Fhleisdeir says. They are in true peril right now and we can do something about it.
We can send supplements for pregnant and nursing mothers and for children.
We can provide essential oils such as lavendar and thyme
that can be used for inhalations to ease trauma, grief and used
topically to inhibit infectious and septic conditions.

We can send high anti-oxidant natural snack foods.
When you think of antioxidants, think of dried blueberries,
raspberries and blackberries, raisins, sundried tomatoes,
and mixes with dehyrated broccoli, carrots and garlic as ingredients.
Please also use your professional expertise to choose
what else Yumi will need, to help these people in need.

Consider especially remedies that are for children and animals
with dosages marked for them.

Fatigue, stress; both physical and emotional in origin,
trauma, greif, and post traumatic stress are all concerns.

We can also send a portion of the supplies people have been
buying-up for themselves for when radiation reaches us,
to the Japanese people in need today.”
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Example pictures from Oct 2011- Present

Yummy handmade(100) dumplings from my friend .


New herbal remedies for digestive problems, headaches etc / Organic Rose petals and Organic Lavender macerated oil for Bath salts and Deodorants.


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Example pictures from Oct 2011- Present

Yummy handmade(100) dumplings from my friend .


New herbal remedies for digestive problems, headaches etc / Organic Rose petals and Organic Lavender macerated oil for Bath salts and Deodorants.


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Bath salts

To people of Tsunami areas, making bath salts. Bath salt 30KG, Dry rose and Lavender, Rose geranium oil, and Lavender EO. All material is herb relief supplies, from Avicenna,Rutland, and Organic herb Trading co.



I made shoe deodorant for my second family,tsunami area.
Sorry, it's not made,because only the mix is very simple !
Rose petal,Lavender and Sage.
now.....200pcs, need more aroud 300pcs!

Materials used were
I bought lavender in Provence this summer,
and relief funds from the Rieko Oshima Barclay and Maki Sugahara.


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Seaweed was first made and then disaster. But very very small amount.b0219974_1046438.jpg
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Nobiru cho, East Matsushima city now

Here is our volunteer activity area, Nobiru cho, East Matsushima city, Miyagi prefecture.

There are still some houses are left and it’s been like this since 3.11.
No one is able to sort out this area due to a dominion. People who lived here all died so even the government cannot touch them at all.

This is the worst area among the devastated areas and even the government has not tried to sort this area out as yet.
It looks like a ghost town particularly at night. No one is here apart from us.

You can see similar scenery like this continuously for few kilos/miles.

This area is about 1km away from the sea.
Tsunami was massive and very quick to swallow down this area.

Here is a cemetery and it also has not changed at all.

This area hasn’t changed at all since 3.11.
We still need your help, please do not forget about here


b0219974_10393611.jpgThis is an image of rescued items from the Tsumami area.
It is then sold for a small amount to anyone interested or in need of the goods.
All money raised are goes to charity activities.
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Send Donation?

b0219974_18231986.jpgFresh vegetable,fruit,of course cat
and dog food!
are bought with your goods relief and donate,
I drive a truck by myself,
and it passes it to the victim directly.
Yumi Yayakuba

From Overseas,
Swift code- BOTKJPJT(0005)
Bank Name: The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
Funabori Ekimae branch

Bank account: 1028473
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Garden projects -2


Our Herb Garden project.
This is "PLAN B"
This is from UK, and donation from Rieko Oshima Barclay! Thank you so much.

b0219974_6282180.jpgWe bought
"planter of the felt cloth" (see pic)
"Organic leaf mould"

some seeds was planted there.


This is Valeriana officinalis.
It's donation herb from "Organic Herb Trading co."
(Thank you so much!)

To make a lot of people drink this,
To this used herb, for the compost in the garden.


Grow more herbs in our herb garden!
We bought some new herbs from local areas.
They are growing really well too.



More plants.



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Garden projects -1


Our project start!
Herb Garden is established in the disaster area.
first, the dying tree was cut down.
As for this tree, it is scheduled to recycle without throwing it away, of course!

second stage-the reaped weed was mixed with the soil.


slaked lime.


We choice these seeds.
my friend's herbalist,Rieko Oshima Barclay and Yuko Endo's advice.
It was taught that these two kinds were first of all the best because here is a soil of the salt big damage.



Yes! Can you see? Clover are growing really well.
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